World Peace as Individuals

World peace is something the majority of people strive for yet struggle to attain.

But how can we reach a level of peace on this Earth as individuals, even on a small scale?

To quote Albert Einstein;

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding”.

Thankfully the majority of people on this world live in peace, but there are still too many people in the world that are affected by pain and suffering, be it through war, sickness or poverty to name but a few.

But how can those of us not affected (at least not directly) by such large scale suffering achieve peace as individuals in our everyday lives.

First off we can consciously refuse to participate in violent acts against any living being for any reason and not listening to rumors that motivate or involve acts of violence.

Develop your personal surroundings, take a look around you, is there anything you can do for the local community in a charitable fashion?

Once you actually open your eyes to your surroundings you will realize that there is people in need all around, and not just larger scale incidents, those the media deem “newsworthy”.

Are you true to yourself? Are you transparent about your intent with those in your inner and extended circles?

All to often it is too easy to cause hurt or pain (even unintentionally) to those around you, be aware of how you conduct yourself among people in your everyday life.

Don’t be materialistic, of course it doesn’t hurt to strive for success, but at what cost, some of the happiest and most peaceful lives are led by those who shun chasing materialistic pressures.

One of the biggest causes of suffering in the world is natural disasters, do you do your part in preserving the biological ecosystem of the World?

Even what some people consider small and inconsequential can have an impact on a larger scale.

Starting simple things such as recycling, or buying energy efficient light bulbs are a way to develop and conserve the ecosystem, basically ensuring you do all you can to not have a detrimental effect on the environment.

Some of the greatest journey’s start with the smallest steps! And it is never too late to start your journey.

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