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World Peace Conference in Cairo.

Sheik Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, is organising the World Conference on Peace in Egypt.

The event takes place in Cairo across the 27th and 28th  of April, and Pope Francis will be a featured speaker.

Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb has stated the goal of this conference is to “eliminate the causes of conflict, violence and hate”.

The office of the Grand Imam of al-Azhar has summarised the objectives of the World Conference on Peace as “addressing a message to the whole world” to “call for peace between religious leaders, between societies and between all countries of the world”.

The Conference was proposed back in 2016 when Sheikh Ahemed al-Tayeb was on a visit to the Vatican and Pope Francis announced his intentions to visit Egypt.

With the Conference being confirmed for April 27 – 28 the Vatican have indicated that the Pope will give a speech on Friday the 28th after the Grand Imam upon his arrival in the Egyptian capital and following on from a “courtesy visit” to President al-Sissi.

The speech is highly anticipated as it comes roughly three weeks after two attacks which caused dozens of deaths during the Palm Sunday celebrations in the Egyptian cities of Tanta and Alexandria, attacks for which the terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility.

Previously Pope Francis has stated he does not “like to speak of Islamic violence” he has also spoken of “war” with respect to terrorism, going on to say “not all Muslims are violent just as not all Catholics are violent”

It is thought that around 300 people have been invited to the World Conference on Peace with a view to ending the religious extremism that is currently threatening the World and in al-Azhars context, “seeking peace by eliminating the causes of poverty, sickness and hate” which is a “human necessity” and “a responsibility” not only for those who share “a particular belief or philosophy” but for the “whole of humanity”.

Previously in front of a crowd of religious and political leaders from around the World, the Grand Imam recognized and stated that “acquitting religions of terrorism”, which had previously been his main motive, “is no longer enough”.

Let’s hope that the Conference will inspire more people to live a more peaceful life and realize that by people coming together, religious or non, will make stop wars and in the main go some way to making the world a better place.

Ending global famine to bring about world peace

Food causes satisfaction, gratification and sustenance however severe lack of food can cause anger, animosity, and in extreme causes violence and wars.

Ending world hunger is possible, in this day and age one of the most extraordinary and humiliating aspects of living in the modern world is hunger.

Men, women and children around the world are literally starving, with some modern day philosophers pondering the question, what will future generations remember us for?

Over 850 million of the worlds population are hungry, and I’m not talking just a bit peckish here, I am talking famished.

Let me say that figure again, 850 million, that is almost one in eight of the worlds population

Many of these 850 million are children, because of their extreme hunger at a young age, it can go on to leave a lifelong legacy of mental and physical impairments.

However famine is not due to a lack of food globally, far from it, in actual fact there is more then enough to go around, if we all make the right decisions.

Collectively we can all continue to feed the world despite rising population numbers and climate change.

Think how much food you personally waste, and I was one of the worst for it, I have now started taking food to my local food bank, because no longer is hunger an issue “just for third world countries”, it is happening all around us.

It is only when you open your eyes and your heart to it do you start to recognize that this global problem is just exactly that, global.

People are starving in what are considered to be modern “affluent” countries.

Some experts estimate that stopping the waste of food after harvest (due to poor storage for example or a badly thought out transport infrastructure) plus lessening the waste in our own kitchens, could free up half of all food grown. That would have a huge impact.

There are extreme levels of inequality within and between countries when it comes to food, we need to act on this now.

Hunger is both a cause and a symptom of poverty. We should all strive to end the inequality of food distribution, I truly believe that ending world hunger is feasible, and in doing such we can take steps to achieving peace in the world.

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